Marge Hurst

Quiltmaker, Teacher, Author, Judge


I started making quilts in 1984 and a chronological selection is presented from then to the present. I am still getting some of the older quilts photographed in digital format so more will be added as available. I have gone through a number of “series’. First I worked with triangles creating double colourwashes and other arrangements, then I explored log cabin designs. In the early 1990s I began to develop my “bordered lattice” quilts as well as geometric designs based on a hexagon. These quilts were very complex and time consuming and as a form of relief I made some quilts depicting ethnic fabrics, both African and Gautemalan. Then things became simpler still with the Simple Shapes, Complex Colours Series. Most recently I have come back to the roots of patchwork, making English Paper Pieced quilts in the traditional manner using various shapes. Who knows what road I’ll follow next? Watch this space!

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